vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Geschiedenis van de astrologie


Dieses glänzend geschriebene Buch beschreibt den langen Weg der Astrologie von den ersten Anfängen sternkundlichen Nachdenkens im Alten Orient bis zur psychologischen Astrologie der Gegenwart. Es stellt die Grundlagen der Horoskoperstellung dar, geht den Ursprüngen der Sternbilder nach und erklärt die Rolle der Astrologie in unterschiedlichen philosophischen Systemen, in den großen Religionen sowie in Politik und Alltag. Ein 'Muß' für alle, die sich für die Geheimnisse der Sterndeutung interessieren.

Astrology numbers among mankinds oldest sciences. It played a prominent role not only in the advanced civilizations of antiquity but also in the cultural history of Europe. It contributed to the development of the natural sciences, primarily astronomy, physics and chemistry, was an integral element of philosophies and religions and influenced political decisions, some of which had substantial consequences. Kocku von Stuckrad masterfully interweaves the disparate aspects of this often neglected or gingerly approached field and provides a thorough synopsis of a central stream in the European history of science and ideas. Not least, this well organized and highly informative book will serve as a first-class introduction to systems of astrological interpretation. It includes a glossary which defines the most important concepts. A must for all who are interested in astrology today or in historical times, regardless of whether they are searching for relationships between the vault of heaven and the earth. In this first comprehensive history of astrology Kocku von Stuckrad describes how celestial science emerged in Mesopotamia and played a significant role in ancient Egypt. Over the course of antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, knowledge of the course of planets and stars grew more sophisticated. The author examines the role of astrology in various philosophical systems and in major religions, and he discusses the new approaches astrology took in modern times after its legitimacy increasingly came under fire.